5 Surprising Things That Can Make it Harder to Sell Your House in Port Arthur

If you are considering selling your house in Port Arthur, there are some things that could make it harder to sell. You might not be aware of all the things that can make it difficult for potential buyers to see the value in your house. Let’s take a look at 5 surprising factors that may affect how long it takes to sell your home!

Cosmetic Flaws

Minor cosmetic flaws are surprisingly perplexing things that might make selling your home in Port Arthur tough. Buyers are seldom able to overlook minor aesthetic repairs and typically move on to other homes. These concerns might range from unusual paint colors or carpeting with odd colors. A fresh coat of paint, as well as less expensive repairs to improve the appearance, might help sell the property if time is a constraint. Working with a Texas Cash Investor direct buyer guarantees a quick closing, usually in days rather than weeks.


Every home has a distinct odor, even if it isn’t particularly noticeable. If food or animal smells are strong, an unpleasant aroma may be another surprising aspect that might make selling your house in Port Arthur difficult. Those who are prepared to overlook such things would anticipate deep discounts for cleaning or replacing the carpeting. Whether cages and feeding dishes are in place, the ideal option is to make the property appear pet-free. Consider selling straight to Texas Cash Investor rather than going through showings if removing the pets is not an option for you.


It’s possible that your neighbors are the reason for your trouble selling your house in Port Arthur. It might be a personal quarrel or an overgrown garden, as well as a generally dirty appearance, or it may be because of the neighbors’ loudness.

When visitors walk through your home, the sound of constantly barking dogs may reach their ears. You can’t prevent the noise of constantly yapping dogs from reaching potential buyers’ ears as they pass by your property. If you’re stuck and can’t do anything about it, contact Texas Cash Investor for help. We’ve dealt with every sort of neighbor imaginable at Texas Cash Investor.


Mold, while it may not spring to mind when you’re attempting to sell your house in Port Arthur, is one of the most unusual issues that might make selling your property difficult. Mold is one of the most dreaded problems with a home due to the health hazards it poses for its occupants. If you want to avoid dealing with mold removal, you’ll need to sell the property as-is to a buyer ready to tackle the job. We buy houses for cash as-is at Texas Cash Investor, so there’s no need to be concerned about your buyer qualifying for financing.


A pre-inspection is a good idea to avoid encountering something unexpected that might make selling your home in Port Arthur difficult. However, unless you have the time and money to spare, or you just don’t want to deal with the repairs, you may wish to put an inspection contingency on the sale if a large problem is discovered. In that situation, if any bids come in at all, buyers will assume the worst-case scenario and offer insultingly low offers.

Selling your house to Texas Cash Investor is the simplest way to get cash for your property in Port Arthur. We’ll make you an offer that you’ll accept because we want you to feel comfortable with the transaction.

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